Weekly Edge

Walk Away or Hold ‘Em?

Heather Frame - Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Here’s a challenge for you with potentially major ramifications……  Quickly think of the 10 people you spend most of your time with and write them down in any order.

Pick a person on that list at random.

If we told you that in 12 months time you’d be exhibiting more of their personality traits, emulating their success level and experiencing the type of relationships they have, how would that make you feel?

If they’re people you would love to be becoming more like then great. If they’re not?

Well in the words of the immortal Kenny Rogers “the secret to survin’, is knowing what to throw away and knowing what to keep”…. “you’ve got to know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em, know when to walk away and know when to run”.

Now – we’re not suggesting you have to “fold” on any family member, colleague or friend who isn’t living your dream life, but if there is someone in your close circle who gave you a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach when you envisaged becoming more like them.  Perhaps it is time to walk away and spend more time with those people who inspire you?

Run Forest, Run!

Heather Frame - Wednesday, August 07, 2019

It’s the simplest ideas that are often the most memorable.


Ever gone into a changing room after a “helpful” assistant has taken your clothes in there for and not for the life of you been able to figure out behind which mystery door yours lie?

A Melbourne clothing store we once went to put mirrors on the front of their doors and would get your name and write it in white board marker on the mirror when they took the clothes out back.


Ever sat at a restaurant table nearly begging the waiter to stop and get you a drink?

Bubba Gump (a Forest Gump based restaurant chain) has blue “run forest run” and red “stop forest stop” signs on each table which clearly indicate whether you need someone to stop and help you out.


So, we think that one of the best questions you could ask yourself about your business right now is: “What’s bugging people and what simple thing can I put in place to fix it?”

Copy is KING or is it?

Heather Frame - Wednesday, July 31, 2019

All the copy gurus tell us that copy is KING!


They are partly right.


What they don’t tell you is that copy is only KING when it’s backed up with the right marketing strategy.


That’s because…


The best copy in the world falls flat on its face if not backed up by the right strategy and the right implementation.


We’ve seen it time and time again with business owners who’ve spent more time focusing on writing the perfect piece (that is to get their copy just right) than thinking about the most effective marketing strategy that will get their target markets attention.


That’s why with our clients we focus on the right marketing strategy to engage their target market before we look at or even think about the copy.


How does this fit within your business?  Do you think about the strategy before the copy?

Defining your Business Through Customer Experience

Marcus Everett - Thursday, July 25, 2019

Too often business owners don’t place enough emphasis on the customer experience their business delivers.


If you ask any random shopper on the street to name their three favourite business’ they purchase from, the three they name will be because of the customer experience they receive.


So, what is customer experience?


It is an intangible mix of the products offered, price compared to the market, service and advice and the physical attributes of the store.


Does this explanation enlighten you?


Or are you now more confused about what customer experience is?


Regardless of whether you are enlightened or confused about customer experience your business will benefit enormously if you spend some time to focus on the customer experience.


Now its time to start planning how you are going to take customer experience to the next level.

Rich man versus poor man

Heather Frame - Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Here is a great saying that we have been living by for the last few months.  It is making life easier and gives us more time to focus on what we are good at.


Rich Men Spend Money to Save Time


Poor Man Spend Time to Save Money


What are you doing that is taking you away from your core focus?

3 reasons you get bad employees - and what to do about it

Heather Frame - Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Do you ever wonder how people get great employees?  Ever think you’ll never get great employees yourself?  Can’t get them to do what you need?  Can’t get them to stay?  


Before you blame your Team, remember that old adage: ‘You get the employees you deserve.’  Let’s start by taking a look in the mirror. The most common errors that occur are hiring the wrong person, inadequate training or evaluation and, finally, a lack of leadership.  Now, let’s take a look at those issues in greater detail.

1. You’re hiring the wrong person or putting them in the wrong place. Using personality profiles can help to measure a candidate’s qualities before they are hired.  We use DISC and VAK to help make the right match of person and position. The DISC profile measures a person’s natural (away from work) and adapted (at work) behavioural tendencies.  The profile takes about 10 minutes and yields some very useful tips on individual strengths, opportunities for improvement, and keys to motivating.


The VAK (stands for visual, auditory, and kinesthetic) measures communication modalities.  In addition, examine the hiring process and the questions that are being asked.  What do you need to change based on the lessons you’ve learned in the past?  Ask questions that uncover values and look for alignment with your company’s values.  We have found that a “bad employee” is rarely due to the lack of job competence—it’s more often a failure to mesh with organizational values.  You must hire character because that can’t be taught. An employee with a great “values match” will still underperform if you assign them to the wrong job.  Go back through your job descriptions and modify for what the business needs, then hire the person that fits that description. Chaos results when you change the job to match the skill set of the newest hire. 


2. The problem could be that your training, measuring, and evaluation process is inadequate.  When was the last time you revised your orientation process?  Your company handbook?  The initial process for training a new hire?  What KPI’s (key performance indicators) are they held accountable for?  How often do they receive feedback?  Who mentors the new folks and for how long?  We recommend that all employees participate in the regular team meeting (what do you mean “I don’t have one”) and are asked at each one: What can we do to help you succeed in your job?  Many years ago, we heard of a “training method” referred to as “Leave alone, zap”. This means that the new hire is, in effect, turned loose to figure things out and then “zapped” when they make a mistake.  This, or any similar approach, basically sets someone up to fail.  As expensive as staff turnover is (time, repeated re-training, lost productivity, etc), it is certainly worth investing in refining the process so that we do a better job and “start over” less often.

3. The Leader doesn’t know what he/she is doing, so neither does the Team. In order to have great followers, there has to be a great leader.  No team will ever out-perform its leadership.  Are you the kind of leader that a great employee would want to follow?  Are you running the kind of business that a great employee would want to work for?  We can assure you, the team watches everything you do and dissects everything you say.  Start with your communication—do you communicate clearly and regularly?  Are you consistent in your statements and behaviour?  Do you do what you say you will do?  Also, if you “waffle” or delay making decisions, you are viewed as weak and indecisive.  If you have the courage, survey the Team about their views of you as the Leader, and be willing to “sharpen your saw” to make some changes.  Change your outlook, change your results!

Hmmm…. Habits

Heather Frame - Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Something to make you think….


"Motivation gets you going but habit gets you there." - Zig Ziglar


Hmmm….Habits…. which ones do you have that you know you should give up?  And what new ones do you know you need to create?

Dads play differently to Mums

Heather Frame - Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Our little boy loves playing with his Dad. It’s different to playing with Mum. Sometimes it’s faster, more exciting, louder. Is it better? At times, we guess it is. Sometimes Mum’s way is best.
We’ve watched with interest as a Dad at our local play ground does the exact same exercise with his little boy that his Mum does. Only where Mum swishes the little boy side to side in a rhythmic calm fashion, Dad swooshes fast left – right – left suddenly. The little by calmly enjoys Mum’s interaction and giggles with glee at Dad’s.
As business coaches working inside businesses every day we’ve seen the same thing with staff in their work environments responding differently to each different leader.

Some interact as friends, others as confidants, others are the go to person when something needs fixing, others are the expert in different areas, others are feared (slightly!) and some are respected more or less on different topics.
Everyone has their own leadership style. Both of ours have certainly evolved over the years and are completely different to the 21 year old versions of us when we were both so desperate to prove that we were old enough and experienced enough to lead.
Interestingly, there are people who are leaders in our clients workplaces who aren’t business owners.  They’re leaders because of the open and honest way they communicate.  They’re leaders because of their knowledge. They’re leaders because their opinion is respected.
What’s your leadership style? More importantly- what do you wish your leadership style was?
Pick a few words from this list that you wish people through about when they considered you as a leader:
Accountable, Dependable, Ethical, Moral, Honest, Trustworthy, Respected, Knowledgeable, Helpful, Compassionate, Caring, Experienced, Wise, Expert, Dreamer, Vision, Leads by Example, Involving, Well Planned, Fair, Integrity, Gives Credit, Humble, Open, Creative, Dedicated.
Now – why not ask your team to anonymously list up to 5 words they think relate to you as a leader. Is what’s coming back to you representative of what you would like to be putting out?


Who does your taxes?

Heather Frame - Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Heather here.  Louis the weedy tax accountant is my favourite character in the classic 80’s film Ghostbusters.


At the end of the film after the big marshmallow man bites the dust and the roof is pretty blown off the central park adjacent building – Louise is rescued by the Ghostbusters.


Louis: Who are you guys?


Dr Ray Stantz: We're the Ghostbusters.        


Louis: Who does your taxes?


The world is half up in smoke, a giant man made of confectionary had just caused havoc in the streets and he’s just been trapped inside a crispy underworld dog and yet Louis never misses an opportunity to prospect for new business.


When was the last time you asked someone – Who does your taxes?  (Or your hair, or services your car, or gives you personal training, etc)

Lessons from our Anzacs

Heather Frame - Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Tomorrow is Anzac Day… a unique and special day to us Aussies and Kiwis.  Don’t know about you, but we tend to get a bit emotional as we think back and imagine what these men and women went through.  

It took a lot of courage that’s for sure, but more than that, it took commitment, perseverance, and dogged determination.  Sadly, these qualities are in scarce supply in the twenty first century.  These are the qualities needed in business, but from what we see around us reflects a population that expects success without effort.  Business owners who are all too ready to lift the white flag of defeat without even firing a shot!

They want successful businesses but they don’t do a damn thing to succeed.

You, like us are different.  We know that we have to get busy.  We’ve got to hustle, get things done.

Times are getting tougher for many people in business, but we can’t use that as an excuse.  We can’t control the economy but we certainly can control what goes on inside our businesses.  There are many things we can do right now to bring in the money. 

Think Anzac.  Think courage, determination, perseverance and the belief that you will win.  Now is not the time to be coasting with your foot off the pedal.  We need to get busy and take charge of the things we can control.