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3 steps to great service…

Heather Frame - Wednesday, October 23, 2019

So, when is great service really great?


Let’s say we go to a restaurant and sit down.  The waitress is polite, greets us perfectly and serves us so well we feel obligated to order a little more expensive wine.


It’s poured and served with a great skill…


We order our meal and are having a great time…


The meal arrives and it’s bad, we mean really bad.  Now, no matter how good the service, a lack of delivery reminds us that customer service is about the whole experience, not just the interaction.


It doesn’t matter how good the WOW factor is, if you can’t deliver the basics…


So, here’s our 3 steps…


  1. Deliver with consistency.  This is by far the most important of the three steps.  Every time someone calls your company, the phone should be answered the same way, the orders processed systematically, the services delivered with regularity so I can trust that you know what you are doing and I can feel good about coming back and referring my friends.  Remember, you can’t WOW a customer until you have at least satisfied them.
  2. Make it easy for people to buy.  Consistency is a start, but if you make it hard to do business with you, then no-one can ever be WOW’ed.  Everything from ability to contact people, websites, emails to payment methods, delivery choices and so on.  All of these things you need to make sure you are easier or at least as simple and easy as any of your competitors.  Ring them, go to their websites, do as much market research as you need to, to make sure buying from you is both simple and easy.
  3. WOW people.  Satisfaction is boring, you have to do something your customers don’t expect.  Check your industry and then check 3 or 4 others to find out what is now expected as standard so you can dream up a strategy to WOW people.


Remember, great service is one thing, satisfaction with what someone is buying, backed up with great WOW type service is what counts.

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