Weekly Edge

Copy is KING or is it?

Heather Frame - Wednesday, July 31, 2019

All the copy gurus tell us that copy is KING!


They are partly right.


What they don’t tell you is that copy is only KING when it’s backed up with the right marketing strategy.


That’s because…


The best copy in the world falls flat on its face if not backed up by the right strategy and the right implementation.


We’ve seen it time and time again with business owners who’ve spent more time focusing on writing the perfect piece (that is to get their copy just right) than thinking about the most effective marketing strategy that will get their target markets attention.


That’s why with our clients we focus on the right marketing strategy to engage their target market before we look at or even think about the copy.


How does this fit within your business?  Do you think about the strategy before the copy?

Defining your Business Through Customer Experience

Marcus Everett - Thursday, July 25, 2019

Too often business owners don’t place enough emphasis on the customer experience their business delivers.


If you ask any random shopper on the street to name their three favourite business’ they purchase from, the three they name will be because of the customer experience they receive.


So, what is customer experience?


It is an intangible mix of the products offered, price compared to the market, service and advice and the physical attributes of the store.


Does this explanation enlighten you?


Or are you now more confused about what customer experience is?


Regardless of whether you are enlightened or confused about customer experience your business will benefit enormously if you spend some time to focus on the customer experience.


Now its time to start planning how you are going to take customer experience to the next level.