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Do you know what really works for your business?

Heather Frame - Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Testing and measuring is the most important thing you can do for your business.  Every aspect of your business, no matter if it’s a marketing campaign or the nuts and bolts of selling your products or services, must be tested and measured to ensure your business is running at it’s peak.


If you don’t test and measure, you’ll never know what really works and what doesn’t.


You’ll always be guessing and guessing in the world of business is a recipe for disaster.


That’s why we’re always surprised when we hear about people who use social media but fail to test and measure the effectiveness of what they do.


Like any marketing campaign, any work that you do in social media to grow your customer base should be tested and measured.  Many businesses just assume because they are using social media, it must be effective, but they couldn’t be more wrong.


One major difference between traditional marketing and social media marketing is social media marketing shouldn’t cost you a lot of money, so it is far easier to have an effective campaign. 


But as it turns out you might not be as focused on the return you get from social media as you would the return from a campaign of radio commercials you had to spend an arm and a leg for.


So, whether it’s traditional media or social media, you don’t want to waste time on campaigns that aren’t as affective as others and the only way to know what works best is by testing and measuring.


How do you start?


It’s simple. Just keep every lead you get from your social marketing campaign separate from your other leads.


If you have multiple pages and sites, keep each separate as well. This way you can figure out why some do better than others, instead of throwing away your time and effort on what doesn’t work.


It may be that the message isn’t uniform or maybe one ad or website has a better offer or better copy.


Whatever the answer is, without testing and measuring you’ll never know.

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