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Who Do You Trust?

Marcus Everett - Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Who do you trust?


Family members, friends, team members?  


What organizations, businesses, companies have your trust?

What level of trust do these people and groups of people have?

Would you leave your child with them?  Would you trust them to keep secret the most juicy piece of gossip?  Would you trust them to sell your largest asset?

Have they always had your trust or have they had to prove they were worthy of it?

In a business sense, who trusts you?

Would your team members trust you with sensitive information?

Are you the type of person people know can be relied upon to get a job done?

Do your clients trust you (really trust you) or do they simply deal with you?


A killer question when shopping for a service provider

Heather Frame - Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Last week one of our friends was telling us about a time she was shopping for a new service provider.

Being an avid researcher she’d contacted most of the providers in the area she was looking in by phone and ruled out those who weren’t suitable so that she had 4 to interview in person.

Along with a long list of other questions, she asked one which we thought was an absolute stunner:

“Who’s the second best in your area (if you’re the best)”

We have no doubt none of the people she was “interviewing” were expecting that question and as such, she probably got very honest answers.

In fact, three of them told her the same name (that of the 4th provider she was interviewing).  What a high compliment for this one person.

You can guess who she hired right?

If you were being interviewed and someone asked you this question, what would your game plan be?

More importantly, would your competitors (when speaking honestly) list you as the next best option in their marketplace?

How much brand damage one unhappy customer can cause

Heather Frame - Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Remember a few weeks back we showed you the Utube video of how one unhappy United Airways customer broadcast his dissatisfaction about his guitar breaking whilst travelling on the airline and not feeling compensated for his loss.

Well here’s another Utube video, this time featuring one very unhappy HP printer owner.


Again, this sort of publicity can be very damaging to a brand…. Even yours.

Just remember to do all you can to communicate with even the most disgruntled customers…. And always keep in mind that there are some people out there that you can’t please no matter what you do.


Heather & Marcus

Just how far can a bad customer experience spread?

Heather Frame - Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Have you ever wondered just how much a bad customer experience can impact your customer?  And how far and wide that customer could spread their bad experience to damage your brand?

Here’s why you must know


Could be very hard to recover from this sort of publicity


Heather & Marcus