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What assumptions are you making?

Heather Frame - Wednesday, February 03, 2016

So often breakthroughs happen when you challenge assumptions.  In business you can’t guess what your customers want…. and, if you do, your promotions will most likely fail.  You’ve got to challenge common assumptions about your business, your customers, your prospects, etc.

Take prospects for instance.  Most business owners assume certain things about their prospects that in many cases are way off the mark.

In our business we challenge clients to give us proof on their assumptions.

For example, one client said that his customers wanted the cheapest price and that this was the primary motivation in buying his product.  On closer inspection we found that sure, price was important, but confidence that the product was going to work and work long term was the key driving force that led to the sale.  Imagine if we hadn’t challenged the client?  All his marketing would have been based on price.  This happens more times than you think.

So, when was the last time you challenged your own assumptions?  Or the assumptions of those around you?

Remember, to get a breakthrough you often have to challenge your assumptions.

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