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What’s in a lamb roast?

Heather Frame - Wednesday, March 05, 2014

One night at dinner a young man asked his wife, “Why do you cut the ends off the lamb roast?” Her reply, “I’m not sure.  My mother used to do it.”


A week went by and they visited her mother for dinner, and you guessed it, lamb roast for dinner.  So he asked, “Why do you cut the ends off the lamb roast?”  Her reply “I’m not sure.  My mother always did it.” 


So he made a phone call to his wife’s grandmother and asked, “Why do you cut the ends off the lamb roast?”  Her reply “Well I’ve only got a small baking tray.”


So often we do things just because it’s the way we’ve always done them, having absolutely no idea why it was done that way to start with.


When other people zig, you’ve got to zag.  Following the crowd will almost certainly lead you to slaughter.  But you’ll also notice it’s rare for eagles to flock together.


In an increasingly competitive environment, you must distinguish yourself by more than just price.  You do this by being different.  Think about what makes you unique and then tell the world.



Heather & Marcus



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