'I have been working with Marcus for eight months, and in that time he has helped me to focus on what is really important in my business. He has held me accountable to do the things that will get me closer to my goals, and has also helped me bring on my first Franchise Owner. With two Ironing Elf businesses now, the workload and excitement level has really increased. We are currently working on further expanding the Franchise offering, and getting another couple of Franchise Owners on board. It’s exciting times, and I think it is very fair to say that I would not have gotten here without Marcus’ encouragement and the accountability he brings to my goals and work processes. I would highly recommend Marcus as an excellent business coach, who is focused on results and helping you to achieve what is really important to you.' Belinda Fyffe – Franchisor, Ironing Elf Global Pty Ltd

'If you’re anything like me you really need someone to keep you focussed and to be accountable to. You get so hung up in the day to day that your goals quickly evaporate. Having Heather as my coach has meant I have someone to talk to about ideas and problems I have and she brings me back to focus on what’s important if I stray. Having a business coach is not a luxury – it’s a necessity!'

Sandra - Book Keeper

'Hi Heather, Just to let you know – Not only did I spend a wonderful week in Noosa with my family and my business still exists! – But when I pay bills next week it will be the first time (EVER!!) I am totally up to date with bills and have money left in the bank – Even swapped money into Mortgage for GST and PAYG tax when it comes due so what is in the bank (Except staff Super monies) is actually surplus!!!!!
H Helpful
E Enthusiastic
A Amazing
T Terrific
H Honest
E Energetic
R Really Really Really Fantastic at her job!'

Kay - Insurance Broker

'I’m so glad we went into a coaching program with Heather. As a basketball coach I believe we also needed a business coach to stay at the top of our industry. Since we formed our partnership over a year ago, the business has gone from strength to strength and continues to grow. Heather has played an integral part in developing our business systems and procedures and helped us better understand the importance of working on the business and not in the business.'

Paul - Retailer

‘Coaching has given us the confidence to deal with people in a positive way, to handle objections without offending the customers and endeavour to meet our customers’ needs. Heather has a friendly nature, she is very supporting and understanding, we don’t feel intimidated by her, she is very positive and understanding of our needs and challenges we face as we attempt to grow our business. We have set strategic goals for our business and developed plans to meet these goals. We continually review and improve our procedures and systems in our business. We have learnt the value of testing and measuring the effectiveness of what we do when we advertise or hold events. Heather helps us utilize expertise that is available to us in our field.’

Sue and Malcolm - Distributors

'I started my business almost a year ago and am still finding my feet. Although my overall goal has not changed, how I get there has. Quite apart from the technical aspects of starting a business, the psychological aspects have probably been the most challenging.

Heather has been coaching me for about eight months now and as I look back over our sessions three things stand out. Firstly, Heather is professional and organised. She is unfailingly cheerful and positive and always adds something extra to the coaching session, whether it is a book, a CD on marketing skills - or something she has prepared on business skills. Each session is practical, different and targets what is relevant and appropriate for where I am at the time.

Secondly, Heather keeps the big picture in focus, which keeps me on track. She has a critical eye for what will work (and won't) and challenges me to 'keep my eye on the ball'. Thirdly, Heather adapts her coaching style to where I am at while still stretching me. She may not know it, but there is a little voice in my head (hers), which keeps me moving towards my targets. I have found her coaching invaluable and fun'.

Anne - Consultant

'There were times I felt like a mouse running in circle and getting nowhere. I didn't want or like the stress of having myself a job. I wanted the rewards of a successful small business, not for it to be in control of me. Heather Frame, as a business coach has added aspects to my business that I should have had in place when I first started but had failed to take on board. Just being armed with the knowledge of being able to implement processes and systems into my business has become a better way to run my work place. They are some of the foundations of any successful organization and with Heather's guidance I am now endeavoring to have them in place, which would have been more beneficial when I started nearly seven years ago.

With her guidance, I have been encouraged to organize my team more effectively, allowing me to work on my business and not in it, which is where all small business owners should be, as well as having more quality time with my family. It's so difficult to look at the big picture when you are encumbered with the day to day running of a business and that is where Heather has been an enormous asset getting it all back on track, as well as the bonus of having some of those positives spilling into my personal life as well.

I have really been able to connect with Heather as a female too, she is a great sounding board and offers a real depth of understanding and helps me set the goals I need to overcome some of the hurdles that I am faced with as a business owner and as a person'.

Michele - Retailer

'For the first time in 17 years in business I have set some goals and put a plan in place.'

Trevor - Engine Re-conditioner

'This has made an enormous difference to my business. I now understand the value of knowing my margins and how small improvements can make huge differences. Today was an eye opener showing me that it is possible to run and grow a successful business.'

Andrew – Photographer

Setting some real KPI’s I can measure is of huge benefit to me, because if I can track it I can improve it.

Scott – Software Developer

This has definitely made me think about how to increase my profit with realistic strategies. It will also make my business more time efficient.

Usha – Driving Instructor

This has taught me how to treat customers and what steps to take to make sure that customers experience is unique and make them want to come back again in the future. This will make a huge difference to our business as it will make the customer remember us for good reasons and will spread the word on what we do.

Penny – IT Industry